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Every woman - the Goddess.

We have created a collection specifically for Divine Women Каждая женщина - Богиня.

Products Viva la Donna –
it is the best traditions of tailoring and impeccable quality of things, coupled with adapted and beauty trends, understandable to everyone.

Every day we develop new concepts for your convenience and beauty.

Spanish spirit and classic approach to beauty

Viva la Donna - a young Russian brand, creating a capsule collection of swimwear lines, body blouses and homewear. We present a synthesis of current trends, the classic approach to beauty and attention to detail.

The roots and the long history of the brand goes to Spain. It is from such reverent attention to the colors and their combinations. But despite the European DNA quality, brand is aimed at buyers from Russia and the CIS. Taking the best of Spanish tradition of fashion clothing and adapted to the local market, we offer a wide range in which every woman will find something for themselves.

Age is not a hindrance

Regularly updated assortment and a wide range of models allows us to focus on various age categories. Lacy back, contrasting sleeves, unobtrusive trim and well-chosen accessories - is the key to our clothes. In such abundance every woman can find the best for themselves and their daily rhythm of things. So whether you are a student, working a young mother or grandmother wear the proud status - we are ready to make you beautiful and attractive without looking at the labels and social conventions.

Our client -

It is confident of its appeal and the woman who does not put at the heart of fashion, but it tries to dress according to the spirit of the times and the world's leading catwalks. The main thing for it - it's comfort, convenience and a hint of sexuality. And even if it is a trend "to you", it really knows a lot about beauty. Preferring the number of quality can again emphasize its steadfastness in their own views and opinions.

Viva la Donna client's smart, ambitious, full of energy and they understand the importance of investing in their appearance, without spending all their savings on a new dress. And our team as no one else understands the need for women like herself. To be attractive primarily for itself. Besides, VD aims presentable appearance, not only in the office or at the bar with friends. No matter how fast the pace was not our world, modern woman spends a lot of time at home. That is why we are developing a functional, comfortable and beautiful clothes for the house, and. not only for women but for men